We recommend scheduling an autism evaluation with Dr. Lavado if you or your child is demonstrating any of the following symptoms:

  • Limited eye contact or facial expressions
  • Rarely shows enjoyment with you by smiling or laughing and looking at you
  • Rarely shows their interests with you
  • Limited interest in other children
  • Limited imaginative play
  • Rarely responds to their name
  • Limited use of gestures such as pointing
  • Minimal imitation or pretending
  • Pulls your hand as if it’s a tool
  • Shows more interest in objects than people
  • Unusual movement of their fingers, hands, or body such as hand-flapping, finger-flicking, rocking, spinning, running back and forth
  • Repeated unusual movements with objects such as spinning or lining up toys
  • Develops routines and may get very upset over unexpected change
  • Excessive interest in objects or activities
  • Repetitive speech
  • Very focused on or attached to unusual objects such as rocks, metal, cloth, sticks, flowing water or gadgets
  • Unusual reaction to sounds, sights or textures
  • Shows interest in unusual sensory experiences such as looking out the side of their eye, closely inspect objects, excessive rubbing of certain textures or licks objects
  • Limited back-and-forth conversation

Results of an Autism Evaluation:

Early detection and early intervention can potentially lead to improvements in cognitive, social, language, and behavioral functioning.

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