We recommend scheduling an autism evaluation with Dr. Lavado if you or your child is demonstrating any of the following symptoms:

  • Limited back and forth conversation
  • Uses your hand as a tool
  • Usually does not respond to his or her name being called
  • Limited pretend play
  • Rarely shares his or her interests or enjoyment with others
  • Limited social response
  • Seems withdrawn and in his or her own world
  • Poor eye contact
  • Limited facial expressions
  • Ignores the efforts of others to engage
  • Limited interest in other children
  • Difficulties with social cues
  • Repetitive speech (echolalia) or repetitive vocalizations
  • Repetitive hand movements (e.g., finger flicking or hand flapping)
  • Repetitive body movements (e.g., rocking, spinning)
  • Toe-walking
  • Repetitive use of objects
  • Lines up toys
  • Difficulties with transitions
  • Fixated interests (special interests, preferred objects, topics of conversation)
  • Preoccupation with texture or touch (includes attraction/aversion to texture)
  • Looks at objects or people out of the corner of his or her eyes
  • Visual fascination with lights or movement
  • Adverse response to specific sounds (covering ears)

Results of an Autism Evaluation:

Early detection and early intervention can potentially lead to improvements in cognitive, social, language, and behavioral functioning.


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