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Dr. Lavado specializes in psychological evaluations. She very thorough and knowledgeable in her field. Her staff is friendly and extremely helpful! I send all my testing cases to her because I know everyone I send will be we taken care of. Highly recommend her.

Dr. Natalie Giraldo


Dr. Lavado provides outstanding clinical services. She focuses on the needs of the patient, provides diagnostic services and offers wonderful resources for patients. Excellent care for her patients.

Dr. Jennifer Pechenik


Dr. Lavado is exceptional! She has helped us greatly. She is very accommodating and responds to emails and messages in a timely manner. Most importantly, she is very kind, patient, and understanding. She takes her time to explain everything and was able to give us lots of resources and orientation. I would highly recommend Dr. Lavado

Carolina Mora

Genuine Care

As a concerned mother, I was very hesitant on who to trust with evaluating my child. From the beginning, Dr. Lavado was extremely patient and kind. She took the time to explain the process and all the necessary steps. The evaluation was extremely thorough and shed light on many areas of concern. I am extremely pleased with her professionalism and genuine care. I would definitely recommend her to any parent who is in my position. Thank you Dr. Lavado!

Karen Cerna

Extremely Helpful With Autism Testing

Dr. Megan Lavado was extremely helpful with Autism testing and helping us find providers to get our child the recommended treatment. Her report we needed for our insurance and records was very detailed and accurate, which is huge when you’re seeking ABA therapy through insurance. She also explained the report and diagnosis to us. We highly recommend Dr. Lavado!

Alicia Gentile

Truly Impressed

Dr. Lavado truly cares for her patients and will go the extra mile to help you. Within the first few minutes of my visit, I knew I could trust her, she kindly comforted me as we discussed my concerns and reassured me she would do her best- and she did. Her report was very thorough, very analytical, and well organized, I was truly impressed. I strongly relied on her work in order to receive the appropriate treatment and accommodations for it. Once her work was done, she still called me a few times to follow up with me and this meant a lot to me. Her kindness and commitment to help me made a big impact on my life. I highly recommend her.

Eliana S

Patient, Caring, and Thorough

Some doctors will just go through the motions to get paid and leave. Dr. Lavado is not one of those doctors. Throughout my evaluation Dr. Lavado was patient, caring, and thorough. However, it was what came after the evaluation that allowed her true colors to shine through. When my results initially came in, they did not indicate I would receive the diagnosis I wanted. However, by talking to me, Dr. Lavado could tell that I truly needed the accommodations I was trying to get for when I would enter college this fall. Rather than just leaving my results where they were and making it easier on herself, Dr. Lavado instead assured me that she would make sure I got the accommodations I needed through a diagnosis that I more clearly qualified for. Moreover, she also suggested having a different parent than the one who initially filled out the observer’s survey fill it out to see if doing so would allow me to also qualify for the diagnosis I originally was tested for. In the end, this allowed me to qualify for both the original diagnosis I came in for and the secondary diagnosis. Not only did Dr. Lavado go out of her way to make sure I got the appropriate diagnoses, but she also went out of her way in providing the resulting paperwork. She wrote up an extremely thorough report that clearly explained my diagnoses, how they were obtained, and the accommodations she recommended for me. Furthermore, she also filled out a form from my college indicating recommended accommodations (yet another action Dr. Lavado took that she did not need to in order to simplify my process of obtaining accommodations). Moreover, throughout the process of this documentation, Dr. Lavado worked with me to make sure that the paperwork included everything I needed and that I could access it successfully. After my experiences with Dr. Lavado, I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an evaluation because to her, it is not about completing the evaluation, getting paid, and going home for the day. To her, it is about making sure her patients receive the appropriate diagnoses as well as all that they need to achieve their highest potentials in their lives.

Sarah Lendzian

Would easily recommend her services.

We were lucky to receive Dr. Lavado as a referral through my insurance provider. Even before speaking with her I was impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of her office’s communication. Return phone calls and emails were prompt, and the pre-consultation questionnaires we had to fill out were extensive which made us trust her services before even meeting her. Meeting Dr. Lavado for our first appointment, she quickly made us feel at ease. She spent as much time as needed to conduct a thorough evaluation, stretching out what was normally a 1-2 day meeting over multiple days because my son needed the sessions broken up to manage. The final evaluation which we received not only provided test results, her observations and conclusions but pages of recommendations both in terms of next steps (types of recommended services and recommended providers), suggested scholastic accommodation for my son (both for in school and virtual models), and locations/providers for family support. I am very grateful to Dr. Lavado for her patience and generosity and would easily recommend her services.

Amanda Ross-Gomez

Knowledgeable, Kind and Understanding

Dr. Lavado evaluated my son for ASD. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. My son is nonverbal and was unable to begin his therapies without a diagnosis report for the insurance company. The initial evaluations for children with special needs can be extremely stressful and exhausting. Dr. Lavado is very knowledgeable, kind and understanding, helping to put all of your parental anxieties at ease. Dr. Lavado went above and beyond to get the report out in a fraction of the normal time it takes, so that my son could start the therapies he needs as soon as possible. She also offers virtual services for high risk children with compromised immune systems who are under strict social distancing rules due to Covid. I highly recommend Dr. Lavado. Thank you so much for everything. You have been such a blessing for my son.


Deep knowledge of the resources available for parents.

The process to get a child diagnosed and evaluated for autism is not easy, especially when one is already juggling all the day-to-day challenges. Dr. Lavado was amazing and a bright spot throughout our journey to get our little one to be approved for ABA. Dr. Lavado is meticulous, detailed, patient and supportive. Her deep knowledge of the resources available for parents was a great help to us.

Sabrina Serrano Gilot

Calming Demeanor

I was very impressed with the detailed findings provided in Dr. Lavado’s report, she took the time to address my concerns and provided caring guidance. Dr. Lavado’s calming demeanor was greatly appreciated during this stressful time. I highly recommend Dr. Lavado.

David Cohen

The Best!

Dr. Lavado is professional, thorough and reliable. She is extremely valuable to our community and I am thankful for her dedication and work. She helped my 15 year old get the help she desperately needed.

Jane Doe

Professional and Remarkably Patient

Dr. Lavado is, without a doubt, one of the most caring, kind, patient and thorough doctors we’ve worked with — As a mother of three, two of whom were evaluated and in the care of Dr. Lavado, I simply cannot recommend her enough. If you’re considering where to go to start finding answers and support for your child, please call Dr. Lavado, you will be so thankful you did!!! Dr. Lavado made my kids feel at ease, welcome and comfortable from beginning to end. She stayed later hours to accomodate my family’s schedule, and she and her staff have been nothing but professional and remarkably patient through the entire process. She really takes the time to help the parents understand the findings of her evaluation, as well as help us to find quality care that’s uniquely experienced to help the individual needs of your child as they begin to embark on the next steps toward healing and help. Since the day I gave birth to my son (3rd grade, age 8 at time of evaluation), I had always known something was “off”, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. I had spoken with many different pediatricians over the years, and had always been assured that his mood instability was “normal” and he’d grow out of it. But, parents… when we know… we know; and I knew that he struggled to manage his emotions more than is usual for a child his age. Angry outbursts, extreme emotional breakdowns, paranoid, sleepless and negative and extreme thought patterns (sees world in black and white). Dr. Lavado was able to provide a diagnosis for my son that concluded he is challenged with DMDD, ODD, PTSD, ADHD and Generalized Anxiety. Independently, I also sought a separate evaluation from a pediatric psychiatrist. Without prior knowledge of Dr. Lavado’s findings, this other doctor was in full agreement that my son received proper diagnosis. I care little about the actual labels, and care every bit about understanding the mind-body-spirit of these disorders and what my son experiences so that I can begin to finally get him support that is effective. He is well on his way to being more in control of his thoughts, emotions and behaviors than ever before and we wouldn’t be here without the extraordinary patience, compassion and thorough dedication of Dr. Lavado and her team. If you feel your child is struggling and you’re looking for answers, reach out to Dr. Lavado and her team – I am so grateful I did!!

Jane Doe

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